My Profile

I am a self-taught artist living in Hampshire. I painted semi-professionally for several years, slowly building up a reputation for myself and during that time I hung successfully at a number of local galleries, including the First Floor Gallery in Romsey, where I regularly took part in exhibitions, the Black Horse Gallery in Salisbury, and also in Dummer and Minstead. I was an active member of Romsey Art Group, and during this time I was also invited to join the Wessex Artists. However, as it has a habit of doing, life got in the way, and I had to put down my paintbrushes. I am happy to say that I am now taking them up again with renewed vigour and inspiration.
I specialise in animal art, especially of the canine variety, working in acrylic, pastel, pencil and occasionally pen & ink. I welcome commissions, in particular for pet portraits but am always ready to tackle any subject that is close to your heart, past commissions having included subjects as diverse as an oil tanker and Romsey Abbey.

My aim is to capture that special elusive quality that expresses the unique character of each individual animal, especially as reflected in the eyes.

More recently, I have begun to develop a more specialised side to my art as a result of my work as a therapist. My 20 years of practice instilled in me the significance of energy and the healing power of frequency and vibration in whatever form (colour being one). Then, angelic energy slowly and subtly introduced itself into my sessions, showing me yet another powerful form of healing energy at our disposal and instilling in me the reality that angelic help is all around us. As a result I am now producing acrylic pours with angelic guidance with a view to intensifying the healing power of colour. All art is therapeutic in some way or another, but these acrylic pours are aimed specifically at certain areas of our lives and are attuned to the energy of specific angels. Again, guided by the angels, I have called this work Healing Energy Art, but I didn't immediately catch on that this name embodies the word HEArt !

Being drawn to such a painting would suggest that you need some healing energy in a particular area of your life, and that the painting carries that energy.

It is interesting (to me anyway), that the very first pour that I did looks very much like the stars in the night sky, the heavens. Also, the pour I love the most and am reluctant to put up for sale, is attuned with the Angel Gabriel, part of whose role it is to inspire and motivate artists. For examples of my acrylic pours, click here.

I want to thank you for visiting my site and hope you enjoy my work.
Best wishes,