HEArt Angel Cards for Energetic Healing & Readings
Angel Cards for Intuitive Therapists

Three of my colleagues were kind enough to trial these HEArt Angel Cards in their practices, 2 of them kinesiologists like myself, and one a hypnotherapist and psychic. See their comments below: I am also interested to hear feedback from non-therapists who have bought these cards. If you would like to comment please email me.
Helena Arguelles, Kinesiology Practitioner & Trainer writes: These beautiful cards are a marvel. The writings are spot on and the images are really beautiful and inspiring in themselves. Highly recommend!!

Avril Rushton former Reflexologist writes: I really like these Angel cards, there is so much information in the enclosed booklet too. They are a delight just to look at and with the added bonus of actually helping with life’s difficulties I think every household should have a pack!

Annette Hornby, MAR, MICHT, Cert. ASK, BA (Hons), MloD - a Systematic Kinesiologist writes: "I have a number of different Angel Card sets and generally am not drawn to them in clinic. These however are the complete opposite. Whilst there is no set point at which I use them, they invariably call out to me and I have not had one person feel they couldn't connect with them. Their messages and depth have had clients in awe. They are not only insightful but beautifully designed.
I would recommend these cards for any practitioner that wants to deepen their practice and truly help the client move forward and attain their highest good.

Sashi Radley Dip. Hyp., Dip. PL - a Hypnotherapist, Psychic and Author of "How to Unleash Your Inner Psychic and Re-boot Your Natural Super-skills" writes:
Amanda Roussos is a gifted kinesiologist, healer and therapist who has the ability to get beneath the surface of what we think is going on, to discover what is really going on. Her Angel Cards are an extension of her beautiful connection to the Angels. I will be using them in my practice with my own clients. To date I have found them to be absolutely spot on. the cards seem to gently unearth the hidden aspects of any healing required. I enjoy using them for myself too. they are brilliant to connect with for angelic readings and for daily guidance. They are infused with such a loving vibration - simply by meditating on a card picked at random I have noticed a shift in my energy field..... I really feel the Angels working with me. I would highly recommend these Angel Cards.